During our annual shutdown from 18/12/2021 to 16/01/2022 no interviews or campus experiences will be available to book.

Level Up Your Future - become a Full-Stack Software Developer

Upgrade your skill set in a supportive environment via online synchronous learning.

What We Offer

Developers Institute offers the New Zealand Diploma in Software Development (NZQA Level 6, 240 credits) as well as the New Zealand Diploma in Web Development and Design (NZQA Level 5, 120 credits). The four courses of our Diploma in Web Development and Design (Level 5) make up the first year of our two year Diploma in Software Development. 

Level up your skill set to adapt to today’s fully remote work environments. Secure your future in the fast-paced, innovative tech industry. Lay the foundation for your financial stability and learn how to provide solutions for everyday problems. Developers Institute qualifications are NZQA approved and accepted across the marketplace.

Studying at Developers Institute

At Developers Institute, experienced industry professionals deliver our software development education to prepare you for a remote working environment. Our instructors are on the forefront of programming and coding and continue to render real client projects. Developers Institute curriculum is leading edge, industry driven and agile. We focus on preparing you for your professional future career in software. 

Your successful study experience and programme completion at Developers Institute is anchored around two elements. First, our skilled instructors combine their passion for tech with their dedication to facilitating your progress. Developers Institute instructors are enthusiastic about each student. They help you align your individual skill set and passions to find your niche. Second, we create a safe, supportive learning environment. Developers Institute structures study partnership opportunities amongst your cohort. Instructors are also available for one-on-one meetings to help you find the resources you need. 

Prepare for your tech career via Developers Institute’s studio-style environment that mirrors the business world. Each moment in the classroom is an opportunity to increase your proficiency with real-world tools. You will be immersed in educational material based around leading-edge technology.

Individual Attention in a Real-World Learning Environment

Developers Institute keeps class groups small—an average of 25 students—so you have access to individual attention from our instructors and teaching assistants. Each cohort is organized into smaller groups to ensure each student gets the support they need.

Because the course material is comprehensive and challenging, instructors are available throughout the day to help you overcome learning obstacles. Each cohort also has a designated teaching assistant (TA) who is available for one-on-one check-ins with students. You can ask your TA questions and resolve problems outside the group setting throughout your Developers Institute programme. Both instructors and TA's are here to answer all of your coding and programming questions directly. 

Our Quality Assurance and Learner Wellbeing Associate Developer focuses on student wellbeing and creates programme improvements in real-time based on student feedback. This  dedicated Developers Institute team member also helps students manage any hurdles with programme logistics. Developers Institute prioritises both student and staff wellbeing which creates a supportive learning environment.

Curriculum Timelines

The New Zealand Diploma in Software Development (NZQA Level 6, 240 credits) extends over 20 months and the New Zealand Diploma in Web Development and Design (NZQA Level 5, 120 credits) is delivered over 10 months. The four courses of our Diploma in Web Development and Design (Level 5) make up the first year of our two year Diploma in Software Development. Study is full time (38 hours per week) during standard office hours, and can be completed during those same hours. Find out more information in our student handbook.

Our next Intake dates are**
  • 8th February 2022

  • 26th April 2022

  • 11th July 2022

For further information about Fees, Intake dates and our application process, click the relevant link or contact us.

This programme is approved by the New Zealand Qualifications Authority under section 249 of the Education Act 1989, and Developers Institute Limited is accredited to provide it under section 250 of the Act.

**Term dates are subject to change pending enrolment numbers, availability and any unforeseen funding fluctuations. Developers Institute Ltd reserves the right to modify schedules to best accommodate the internal running of the Institute and to best serve the student learning experience.

Application Process

1. Submit the application form
2. Book a video interview
3. Await your interview outcome email
4. Prepare your documents

Find a Justice of the Peace near you

6. Submit the enrolment form
7. Send us your documents
8. Pass the reference and background check
9. Accept your offer
10. Sign the IT equipment loan agreement
11. Receive your gear
12. Start studying

Your Future Career

We’ve received funding through Te Ara Mahi and the Provincial Growth Fund to deliver on our graduate employment strategy, so we can support our students from the first day of learning to the first day of your new tech job. Our apprenticeship style model is a first for New Zealand, so if you are looking for quality education that results in real employment outcomes, let’s talk!

Join Us

Whether you’re based locally in the tropical North, or dialling in from a coffee shop in Bluff, we’re here to support you through to your new career in tech.