Amber Fairweather

Wellbeing Coach

Meet Amber - Our Wellbeing Coach

Our resident Wellbeing Coach Amber loves to solve problems, especially when it comes to helping people self-discover their goals, or working together to co-construct goals and solutions with them. 

A psychology master’s student, Amber’s educational achievements include a BA in Psychology, Geography and Anthropology, a Graduate Diploma in Teaching and a Postgraduate Diploma in Arts in Psychology.

Before joining Developers Institute

Amber spent time in America and Canada before coming to New Zealand. But she originally hails from South Africa where she grew up with no less than two monkeys, one donkey, one goat, two ostrich, seven dogs, seven cats, three horses, a parrot and a cockatiel. All of which followed the family on their walks, except for the parrot and cockatiel! And that’s not to mention the rest of the farm animals and African wildlife they encountered along the way.

Prior to her role with Developers Institute, Amber taught psychology to senior secondary students, as well as holding the in-school wellbeing position to enhance staff and student wellbeing.

She’s also the Founder and Director of Symbiota, a small business that helps people create fermented foods at home. Amber is especially proud of her work designing the company’s product range, which resulted from her interest in the close connection between gut health, physical health and mental wellbeing.

There's more to Amber than health and wellbeing!

Aside from being an impressively accomplished student and entrepreneur, super-mum Amber somehow also found the time to raise three strong and independent children. Although when she has to referee their fights, she sometimes regrets just how strong and independent she’s raised them to be! 

At least she has an understanding husband she can boss around. He’s certain she can read minds, and maybe she can? We dare you to put her to the test sometime… She says she can chat about absolutely anything, but she does love a good old mind-tangling brain-bending philosophical discussion.