Andrés Proaño Valencia

Tech Lead and Senior Instructor

Meet Andrés - Our Tech Lead and Senior Instructor

Andrés could be one of our most well-travelled instructors at Developers Institute, having lived and worked in Ecuador, the United States, Argentina, Australia and Aotearoa New Zealand. He speaks English and Spanish, and is also fluent in Javascript, Bash, HTML and CSS.

With a System Analyst degree from the University of Palermo, Andrés specialises in API Development and Software Architecture, as well as Tech Leading small teams. He currently teaches our Agile & DevOps course.

Before joining Developers Institute

Andrés has been involved in several community and non-profit projects, and developed Danta - a toolkit that’s aimed at making it quick and easy for non-profits and activist causes to create simple websites that run on a CMS. 

Before joining Developers Institute, Andrés was Tech Lead at ActionStation - a multi-issue campaigning organisation that works independently to influence political decisions so they are better for people and the planet. Using Danta, he created, improved and maintained donation and API systems that allows ActionStation to source the crowdfunding it needs to carry out its work. 

Andrés also used Danta to create a website for Migrants Aotearoa - a charity that provides assistance to migrants arriving in New Zealand.

There’s more to Andrés than development…

As a passionate activist, Andrés is always keen to discuss politics and causes, but he’s equally keen to chat about travel, or just what’s good on Netflix at the moment. Andrés used to live in a 7m x 3m tiny house, and considers planning and budgeting his superpower. He’d certainly need to be organised to live in a house smaller than most people’s lounge! 

When he’s not at work, Andrés enjoys water based activities and is a keen stand up paddle boarder, plus he plays the guitar, and he’s a bit of a foodie too.