Andrew Ford

Senior Full-stack Developer and Tech Lead

Meet Andrew - Our Senior Full-stack Developer and Tech Lead

Andrew knows that endurance is the name of the game in both distance running and learning software development. He is always levelling up his skills in both arenas and is preparing for his first marathon. 

Andrew specialises in both front- and back-end web development. He is fluent in CSS, JavaScript, TypeScript, HTML and C#.

After mentoring many junior developers over his career, Andrew decided to join the amazing Developers Institute team to teach new developers good habits and skills at the start of their journey.

Before joining Developers Institute

Over his 20 year career Andrew has worked for multiple companies including: Sony, Datacom, Craigs Investment Partners, digital agencies and small start ups. His experiences at major and new tech companies have taught him to adapt quickly and produce work of the highest calibre. 

Career highlights:
  • Cloud hosted Application Tracking System for QJumpers 

  • ERP system for local government councils called Datascape

There's more to Andrew than software skills!

You can find Andrew running up the Mount in his hometown of Tauranga or riding Rotorua’s epic mountain bike trails in his free time. He also loves to travel—his favourite way of getting to know a new place is via a pair of trainers. Andrew is an avid Sci-Fi fan so feel free to chat with him about books, TV, comics and movies from series such as The Expanse, Dune and Saga.