Chris Anderson

Associate Developer & Remote Teaching Assistant

Meet Chris - Our Associate Developer & Remote Teaching Assistant

We are excited to have Chris, a Developers Institute alumnus, guide students through their software and web development studies. His priority is to ensure students are progressing and are comfortable in their learning environment. Chris understands the journey from beginner to practiced coder and applies this knowledge to help students succeed. 

Chris is skilled in a wide range of coding arenas and is talented in front-end and back-end development. He has a Bachelor’s of Management Studies from University of Waikato with a major in Information Systems & Strategic Management.

Before joining Developers Institute

During the ten years before joining Developers Institute team, Chris visited 30 countries across four continents and worked outside the tech industry. Most recently he was backpacking through South America.  

Other career highlights so far:
  • Chris was a competitive swimmer and made it to the finals at New Zealand nationals

There's more to Chris than being a caring coach!

Although Chris doesn’t swim competitively these days, he still enjoys recreational swimming and surfing. He wants to join social Saturday soccer games more often but he’s committed to gaming. In the virtual world, his superpower is stopping bad guys in their tracks. Chat him up about travel, sports, food and beverages and if you’d like to collaborate on a cool coding project!