Hamed Minaeizaeim

Senior Machine Learning Engineer and Tech Lead

Meet Hamed - Our Senior Machine Learning Engineer and Tech Lead

Machine learning mastermind Hamed gained his PhD in Bioengineering from University of Auckland, with a specialism in mathematical modelling and image processing. 

His heady combination of skills in data analytics, machine learning, deep learning, computer vision and natural language processing, as well as his proficiency in Python, SQL, Perl and Java, mean he brings a wealth of information to Developers Institute. Just as well he’s so passionate about sharing his knowledge, and helping junior developers get to grips with new technologies.

Before joining Developers Institute

As a Data Analytics Lead for Northland’s Primary Health Organisation, Hamed transformed data analytics for the entity, as well as providing analytics services for 42 healthcare practices across the region. His work implementing data analytics solutions and setting up interactive reports, as well as introducing machine learning and forecasting models to practices across Northland, delivered huge benefits and improved patients’ health.

Hamed says one of the coolest projects he’s been involved in is the gamification of chest physiotherapy - an innovative play-based approach to improving patient outcomes using software to change attitudes towards treatment.

There's more to Hamed than data modelling!

Travelling from Iran to South Africa before eventually settling in New Zealand, Hamed picked up the amazing cooking skills he’s rightfully proud of. He makes a great coffee, and an even better kebab, which could be why he also spends a fair bit of his spare time in the gym.

Hamed loves problem-solving and getting his teeth into a good side-project, which has been a bonus for Developers Institute because he’s always developing new technologies to help make our lives easier. If only we could get him to share his cryptocurrency prediction wizardry with us. But we might just have to settle for his other data modelling passion - predicting the weather.