Isaac Sayer

Associate Trainer and Software Developer

Meet Isaac - Our Associate Trainer and Software Developer

As one of our Associate Trainers and Software Developers, Isaac works to improve the processes and delivery of our courses, so students at Developers Institute enjoy a smooth and supported learning experience.

With a Level 5 Diploma in full stack web development, Isaac specialises in Angular and .net, and is fluent in HTML, CSS, Typescript, JavaScript and C#. But more than that, because he has worked in several fields including mining, butchery and software, Isaac is no stranger to learning from the ground up. Which gives him the perfect skill-set to help guide our learners through their learning journey.

Before joining Developers Institute

Aside from being a former butcher, mine worker and labourer, Isaac spent a year working as a developer for Parasol and Northpower which gave him valuable real-world experience in a professional environment. His work as a developer was based around internal software solutions that help in-the-field employees record and view data, process reports, all while in the field using a progressive web app.

On days when he’s “not being lazy”, you’ll find Isaac at the gym, although we’re not sure if he uses the same motivational self-talk as his bodybuilder idol, Ronnie Coleman. 

He also gets into a bit of DIY carpentry and building, but most other times he’s either gaming or motorcycling - both of which he’s more than happy to chat about. You might even find him getting creative in the kitchen, where he loves to throw the recipe book out and cook something deliciously original from scratch.