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Isabelle Bierwirth

Head of Marketing and Operations

Meet Izzy - Our Head of Marketing and Operations

Izzy is our silent Ninja. As Head of Marketing and Operations she may not be as involved in the daily hustle and bustle of coding and running classes, but she keeps an ear to the ground to ensure that our students’ needs are met and knows what’s happening. 

Strong on automating processes and reducing repetitive tasks, she continuously improves the recruitment process for new students and our team. From continuously expanding our website with relevant information, she works closely with her varied business contacts to deliver a marketing approach out of the ordinary.

Izzy’s background is a mixed bag of cultures. She grew up in Germany (Cologne) and completed her studies in France (Paris) obtaining a Masters in Marketing and Sales. With a strong passion for digital marketing, in particular SEO, copywriting and the analytical side of it, she strategically drives our brand and audience to rampant growth. Though she is more fluent in spoken languages such as German, French, English and Spanish; she is about to take the plunge and study our programme herself, in order to truly experience what it feels like to be a student here.

Before joining Developers Institute

Always working with a digital preference, Izzy has worked for an array of different companies. From big corporates such as Mercedes Benz and AirFrance, when personalised emails were only just becoming a thing, to small start-ups that were trying to get on the bandwagon of e-commerce and influencer marketing. Fun fact: one of her interns is now one of the leading YouTube and Instagram influencers with over 7 million followers. 

After settling in NZ, Izzy has worked for local agencies providing Northland businesses with website, content and advertising advice.

There is more to Izzy than just Marketing!

Being proof of Whangarei's ‘love it here!’ slogan, Izzy chose to move here to make the most of the beautiful beaches and the array of activities Northland has to offer. From diving, sailing and hiking to horseback riding on the beach, her spare time is filled with anything but Marketing or screen time.

If you want to start a yarn with her, you should try travelling or flying. These topics will never kick off a dull conversation.