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Katie Miles

Developer and Teaching Assistant

Meet Katie - Our Teaching Assistant

Katie is our hybrid here at Developers Institute. She is wearing two hats that are usually hard to combine: developer and creative genius.

Katie spends her time on campus helping students when they get stuck, creating collateral for our marketing channels, as well as keeping an eye on the website content and its code.

With her background in design she has worked on interfaces for websites, software and apps. After time in the trenches with HTML and CSS, she has added to her portfolio further key components to round out her skillset as a Full-Stack developer.

Before joining Developers Institute

Katie worked in several roles wearing dual designer and developer hats, before embarking on the NZ Diploma in Full-Stack Web Development last year. With a Bachelor of Media Arts specialising in Digital Media Design she has leant her expertise to many-a-project, from business web portals through to booking-driven websites and shiny customer facing apps. Take a look at her portfolio to suss out some of the design work she has done:

  • UX/UI

  • Online advertising campaigns

  • Posters

  • Illustrations

But wait… there's more to Katie than just design and code!

Calling Northland home now, Katie makes the most of the beautiful surroundings Whangarei has to offer and appreciates a good beach outing or bush walk. She is also a casual roller skater and piano learner, and is always up for a round of Drawful. 

Lot’s to chat about, and for those who want to pick up a more technical topic, try and hit her up about responsive design or UI design systems. Or about her other home, as she originally hails from the TRON.