Kimberley Holmes

Graduate Employment Manager

Meet Kimberley - Our Graduate Employment Manager

We are honored to have Kimberley, a Developers Institute alumnae, leverage her in-depth lived experience and technical skills to coach students throughout their learning journeys. Her background in the arts and tech worlds taught her how to transform the intangible into reality. At Developers Institute, Kimberley coaches graduates towards employment opportunities. She’s always on the lookout for how to improve course delivery and student experience.

Kimberley is fluent in JavaScript, HTML, CSS, Node.js and React. She received a Diploma in Business: Leadership and Management from Ara Institute of Canterbury and a Diploma in Web Development from Developers Institute.

Before joining Developers Institute

Kimberley is currently based in Christchurch, but she previously lived in Melbourne, Australia where she worked for the CRM platform Salesforce. She’s also worked in inventory and data management for an international wholesale distributor, event management and has coordinated myriad creative shows across New Zealand.  

Other career highlights so far:
  • Kimberley has been involved in creative writing for nearly 20 years and her work has been published as far as Bulgaria.

There's more to Kimberley than being a supportive career coach!

Kimberley likes listening to music from all over the world, cooking, and going on hiking adventures. She can also kill any house plant just by looking at it. So chat to Kimberley about movie and technology news, pet antics, parenting and the Marvel Cinematic Universe… but maybe not gardening.