Kody McIntosh

Learner Success Team Lead

Meet Kody - Our Learner Success Team Lead

Kody’s own experiences as a Developers Institute learner and as a Junior Trainer lets her really understand where our learners are coming from, and create the best possible experience for them. She has a Bachelor of Computer Graphic Design, and has completed all of the courses that make up our Level 5 Diploma in Web Development. Kody is experienced in HTML, CSS, Javascript, ReactJS, Next, Node, Docker, Express and PostgreSQL.

With prior work experience in web design, front-end development and leadership, Kody ensures that both the Learner Success Team and the learners they support have everything they need to be successful. She ably facilitates learning of the course material, while also helping learners bridge the gap between studying and entering the workforce. She prides herself on being able to meet people where they are at, to help give everyone the same level of understanding regardless of their background.

Before joining Developers Institute

Kody worked as a graphic and web designer for 10 years, doing front-end development using HTML and CSS for clients locally and internationally. She has represented clients in marketing and technical capacities, and been responsible for presenting technical recommendations to small businesses and executive boards alike.

She came to Developers Institute as a learner initially, going through the Full Stack Web Development course, which she says greatly expanded her skill set. She now applies those skills to her freelance projects as well as her role as the Learner Success Team Lead.

As an entrepreneur Kody has had businesses selling punk / gothic / pinup clothing. She’s also run a creative agency, been a music teacher, and creates digital art when she has the time. At the moment she’s working on creating software aimed at making life easier for neurodiverse people. You can check out some of her work on her website www.kodymcintosh.com.

There’s more to Kody than design and development…

While Kody loves front-end dev, and has a passion for designing things that are functional as well as pretty, she has three main interests outside of work: music, gaming, and her dog. Well maybe four if you count changing her hair colour, which she says she does more often than is likely healthy!

Her musical experience means she can listen to a song and play it by ear on the piano within a few minutes - a skill she has been known to prove by taking requests and live streaming it on Twitch.

When she’s not playing music, she’s usually playing Dungeons and Dragons. And at all other times, she’s spoiling her dog, who always gets treated like the queen she knows she is.

Catch up with her for a chat about gaming, music, or leaving the world a better place than we found it.