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Lance Cooper

Tech Lead / Senior Instructor

Meet Lance

With a Bachelor of Media Arts from Wintec (Hamilton) and a major in Digital Media (animation and web design), Lance is specialised in (mostly) drinking coffee, single page applications and APIs. During class and at campus, you will notice this can quickly turn into dabbling in AWS! He is also fluent in JavaScript, HTML, CSS and Node.js.

Before joining Developers Institute

Lance is a true globetrotter and has worked with inspiring teams around the globe. As to be expected whilst residing in London and Melbourne, he was working for buzzing digital agencies writing Front End code. After over a decade he returned to NZ where he joined stuff.co.nz.

His most recent project before sharing his knowledge as a tutor, was a Mobile Application in React Native. Lance was the team lead for a small team of developers and designers working on an app built for construction workers to capture their Quality Assurance data. The key element to this project: it had to work offline, due to big highrises or basements having no mobile reception.

Check out one of his other projects:
  • A Native App for Conqa, which included all the API design and problem solving that comes with building offline first software

There is more to your instructors than code

Balance is key with almost everything in life. Here at Developers Institute we are about more than just code and solid learning outcomes.

Lance’s secret superpower is making playlists, so if you have had enough of your project work or simply have a strong case of Mondayitis, Lance will always be up for a chat about music. And if you want some brownie points, make sure you mention Wu-Tang Clan… he is a big fan! Otherwise hit him up about his weekend missions around the country in a van that he converted himself into a camper.