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Laura Bell

Application Security Instructor

Meet Laura - Our application Security Instructor

Laura is taking you on a special journey for Junior Devs here at Developers Institute. She will share and teach her unique passion: Application Security.

Laura Bell is the CEO and Founder of SafeStack and its online training platform SafeStack Academy. She’s a renowned cyber security specialist and will be sharing her knowledge with our students during the 8 week Application Security course. This is not the only unique fact about Laura, and only few may know, but she is a leap year baby and her birthday only occurs every 4 years!

Before joining Developers Institute

Laura is from the UK and has worked around the globe. To name a few countries where she helped businesses get their security up to scratch: UK, China, USA, Switzerland, France and now New Zealand. Her academic career and work around the world resulted in a BSc Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence, University of Wales - Aberystwyth, 2007, First Class Honours and got her fluent in: English, reformed Python, Java developer and Toddler

She has also worked on some very impressive matters:

  • She wrote a book or two (agile application security and security for everyone)

  • Founded and runs SafeStack

  • Worked as Software engineer at UK government and CERN

  • Taught in China

  • Keynote speaker, panellist, teacher for major international conferences 

And was part of some outstanding projects: 

There is more to Laura than Cyber Security

Laura is a thought leader when it comes to cyber security, but she knows how to balance her passions and skills. In a professional environment, she uses her knowledge to translate between nerds and business folks to help businesses set themselves up for a safe cyber environment. In her spare time, she enjoys spending time with her two daughters, old mechanical things, traveling and exploring as well as relaxing with a good movie.