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Laura Bell

Senior Security Specialist and Tech Lead

Meet Laura - Our Senior Security Specialist and Tech Lead

Laura is a cyber security thought leader who’s worked at the highest levels of government, science and industry to secure information. Her specialty is working as a translator between Software Engineers and business folks to help companies set up safe cyber environments.

Laura Bell is the CEO and Founder of SafeStack and its online training platform SafeStack Academy. She shares her specialized cyber security knowledge with Developers Institute students during the eight week Application Security course.

Before joining Developers Institute

Laura is from the UK and has worked around the globe. She’s helped businesses get their security up to scratch in the UK, China, USA, Switzerland, France and now New Zealand. She has a BSc Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence from the University of Wales - Aberystwyth, First Class Honours. Laura is fluent in: English, reformed Python, Java developer and Toddler.

Career highlights:

  • Wrote two books: Agile Application Security and Security for Everyone

  • Founded and runs SafeStack

  • Worked as Software Engineer for the UK government and the European Council for Nuclear Research (CERN)

  • Taught in China

  • Keynote speaker, panellist, and teacher for major international conferences 

And was part of some outstanding projects: 

There is more to Laura than Cyber Security

Laura enjoys spending time with her two daughters, fixing old mechanical things, traveling, exploring and relaxing with a good movie. She’s also a leap year baby and her birthday only occurs every four years!