Lora Vardarova

Senior Full-stack Developer and Tech Lead

Meet Lora - Our Senior Full-stack Developer and Tech Lead

Lora is a specialist in making complex things possible and her super power is asking questions. She brings diverse, topnotch and worldwide professional experience to help Developers Institute’s students begin their tech careers. 

Lora has a Diploma in Multimedia Design and Bachelor degree in Web Development from Copenhagen School of Design and Technology and Bachelor degrees in Accounting and Macroeconomics from the University of National and World Economy. Her multilingual talents include JavaScript, Node.js, HTML, CSS, Bulgarian, English, German, Danish and Italian. Of course, there’s always more languages to delve into, so Lora is currently learning Dart and Spanish.

Before joining Developers Institute

Lora started her career in tech developing casual games and WordPress themes and sites for service agencies. She then expanded her skills at product companies where Lora was involved in everything from frontend and backend development to mobile development and DevOps. 

Lora has worked at companies all over the world where she was exposed to different working styles and agile product development practices. In fast-paced startup environments, Lora wore many hats and got involved in all phases of product development. Her experience working in established tech companies gave her the opportunity to contribute her skills to world-class software development.

Career Highlights:

There's more to Lora than being a polyglot software developer!

Lora is a voracious learner and her interests are multi-faceted. She loves a good book, swimming and tramping. Lora is expanding her artistic interests from dance, choir singing and keyboard playing to now learning how to draw and paint. Be sure to join in for the Bulgarian holiday programme in Wellington that Lora organises!