Minjae Chang

Junior Technical Business Analyst

Meet Minjae - Our Junior Technical Business Analyst

Minjae’s role with Developers Institute is all about helping our team work smarter, not harder. With qualifications in psychology and accounting as well as web development and design, she has the perfect skill base to improve efficiency and quality in our operational business areas.

Before joining Developers Institute

Minjae moved to New Zealand from Korea in 2018, having gained her BA in Psychology, and went on to complete a Master of Professional Accounting at Auckland University. She followed that up with a Diploma in Web Development and Design from Developers Institute. This gave her first hand insight into the workings of our organisation, as well as experience in React, Node.js, HTML, CSS and JavaScript.

Check out one of her projects at https://minjaechang.github.io/finding-carrots/ - a simple game she developed with HTML, CSS and vanilla JavaScript.

While living in Korea, Minjae worked in a cafe, which she says taught her how to communicate with all different types of people - a valuable skill in a diverse organisation like ours.

There’s more to Minjae than improving business efficiency…

As a lover of both coffee and cats, Minjae can often be found spending time with either - or both! She’s also a budding baker, and has been known to create authentic baguettes and croissants after taking a professional baking course in the past.

She can tell you anything about anything, because Googling is her superpower. But if the wifi is down, it’s probably safest to stick to questions about her specialist subjects - coffee and cats.