Mitchell Cook

Junior Trainer / Teaching Assistant

Meet Mitchell - Our Junior Trainer / Teaching Assistant

Mitchell has spent most of his life fixing things, whether it’s his kids’ toys or McDonald’s kiosk software. He joined Developers Institute because he reached a stage in his career where he wanted to do more than just fix things. Now as one of our Junior Trainers/Teaching Assistants, he provides valuable technical support to learners, as well as assistance to the Tech Lead.

With a Diploma in Software Development, Mitchell specialises in React, React-Native, React-Three-Fibre, Firebase, Node.js, Express and Windows operating systems. He has experience with Python, Javascript, Shell scripts, SQL, CSS and HTML.

Before joining Developers Institute

Born and raised in New Zealand, Mitchell first got into the IT world as freelance IT support. That led him on to a service desk role where he supported McDonalds. So if you’ve ever noticed a cursor moving on a McDonald’s kiosk screen, chances are it was Mitchell behind the scenes.

Mitchell says one of the most exciting projects he’s been involved with was the roll out of upgrades to McDonalds IT equipment, which involved working with software engineers from Britain, France and the USA.

He then moved on to systems engineering, supporting a wide range of people from kindergarten teachers to parliamentary commissioners, before starting his current role at Developers Institute.

As a software developer, Mitchell is also currently working on a range of React-Three-Fiber and React-Native projects.

There’s more to Mitchell than systems engineering…

Although he’s moved away from IT support as a career, Mitchell still spends plenty of time fixing toys, electronics and computers for his four children. And while he loves game and mobile development projects, he also likes to get hands on with renovations and Lego projects too.

He’s a big fan of anime and enjoys re-watching his favourite anime series in his down time. He’s also a proficient scratch DJ with over two decades experience using Fruity Loops Studio, having learned the art from the likes of DJ Raw and Rhys B, winners of the New Zealand DMC championships. As such you’ll find he’s always keen to chat about music or anime. In fact - as someone who says he is “fascinated by all aspects of life” - you can literally talk to Mitchell about anything: technology, business, gardening or just life in general.