Nick Whiu

Enterprise Instructor / Full-stack Developer

Meet Nick - Our Enterprise Instructor

Nick has helped establish the client-side and enterprise course and is currently working on charge out projects as well as Level 6 course work. You wonder why? Well, he was part of a team which got called "the rockstars of web development" by Microsoft and he is all about making the internet a better place!

Nick is specialised in front-end development creating simple and pleasing user experiences, as well as open-source and humane computing awareness topics. This knowledge combined with his Bachelor's degree with honours from Waikato University, specialised in Artificial Intelligence, creates a solid mix for your final touch ups of coding knowledge that you will acquire with us.

Nick is not only looking after and nurturing the campus compost bin with a lot of passion, but he is also doing the same with the Developers Institute website. He is fluent in too many programming languages to list, but we got a few important ones on a short list for you:

  • JavaScript

  • HTML

  • CSS

He started with batch files, basic and machine assembly code, this gives you a rough idea as to why the list would get too long!

Before joining Developers Institute

Nick’s career showcases his passion for creating user experiences that are enjoyable and applying his knowledge to make a difference.

He started off creating mini computer games in his teenage years and creating online forums - self taught we should mention! He then moved on working for Enlighten Designs. A fairy-tale of a start-up, these guys started in a caravan that quickly became leading pioneers of high-caliber web designs when the internet mostly looked ugly and broken. Nick and his team made websites for hundreds of top paying clients using C# and this is where they got called "the rockstars of web development" by Microsoft as well as enjoying the Microsoft Gold partner status.

Calling Aotearoa the best place to be and ever live in thus far, he worked locally at McKay helping start their development team and then moved on to modernise a construction management system at RaveBuild with full mobile and tablet support. This project was a signature one combining many of his skill:

  • first-class mobile and desktop support

  • friendly intuitive user interfaces, 

  • and maintainable code and database best practices so that the business could stay competitive

If you are curious about some more projects Nick has worked on, check these ones out:
  • SCADAfarm Pivot: a system that allows farmers to manage their enormous pivoting sprinklers over their farms from the mobile phone, saving them hours per day of driving and manually flicking switches. The system was high-stakes as bugs could be catastrophically costly, and the data volumes from all the customers was enormous, hitting servers roughly 3 times per second.

  • easyTrack: "Produce faster & more accurate trade quotes and invoices. Too Easy."

  • Automated a cow milking shed with high-tech touch screens that integrates with a large suite of farm intelligence services built by a team of over 200 people.

There is more to your instructors than code

For everyone at Developers Institute our passion goes beyond code, technology and teaching. If you need a distraction from any of the above, you can also hit Nick up for a chat about topics you may learn just as much new stuff from him as when he teaches you code. 

Got curious? Here we go, pick one of the many topics and enjoy your mind being taken off code:

  • Ancient history

  • Gardening & Permaculture

  • Yoga

  • Sustainable civilisations

  • Visionary futures and humanity

If these were a little too profound for you for a quick break between coding, you could always hit him up about his super-powers:

  • Turning waste into compost that grows top food - you will be surprised what can you all compost!!

  • Guesstimating the shopping bill within 50c

  • Rolling deadly good pizzas

  • Quitting social media

...and if you don’t get enough time at campus or on Slack to catch up with him, you can find him spending time gardening, at Whangarei’s beaches and in its forests or at the farmers market.