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Nik Ho

Tech Lead / Senior Instructor

Meet Nik

When you ask Nik what he is doing at Developers Institute you will get a simple yet very accurate answer: “instructing”. Precision and efficiency is key as you will learn during your 8 weeks of programming with him. 

In addition to his Full Stack Web Development Nanodegree (Udacity), he has specialised in Cloud services, Cloud and Network infrastructure, DevOps and JavaScript.

Nik is also fluent in Python.

Before joining Developers Institute

Nik has worked with international teams in the UK (remotely), NZ and USA (remotely) contracting with startups as a full stack developer and cloud architect. Before joining the team he was a senior cloud architect at Ibex Aegis.

Though his super-power is catching falling objects from desks, he has also put his mind power into some really cool projects:
  • A fully integrated, artificially intelligent technology stack and intelligence-sharing platform including data processing algorithms and 3D map visualization. This was focused on situational awareness and knowledge production that is applicable to myriad industries. (...basically, a GIS intelligence platform monitoring oil and gas pipelines for potential hazards in near real time). 

  • A geospatial AR blockchain project.

There is more to your instructors than code

When Nik is not catching objects and working on clouds, he is maintaining his farm or swinging a longsword. If those aren’t topics that you are wanting to start a chat about, maybe try computer gaming or classical and medieval history instead. If you want a real good story, ask him about the time when he was a soldier (Rifleman), and his rank was Private Ho.