Nikki Maree

Developer and Enrolment Administrator

Meet Nikki - Our Developer and Enrolment Administrator

Nikki oversees and guides all new Developers Institute students through the application process and answers any questions they may have along the way.

As a graduate from the programme, Nikki knows exactly what the journey is like and helps students navigate from initial enquiry to the first day of class with ease. She has certificates in Computing and IT Essentials and a New Zealand Diploma in Web Development and Design - Level 5 (120 credits) from Developers Institute. Her super power is never giving up, which helped her stay the course and learn how to code.

Before joining Developers Institute

Originally from South Africa, Nikki moved to NZ with her family in 2016 and kicked her tech career off with certification programmes that led her all the way to her diploma. Whilst studying at Developers Institute, she worked on projects that allowed her to apply her new HTML, JavaScript and SQL skills.

Favourite Developers Institute project:

There's more to Nikki than just enrolments!

Nikki loves to go to the beach and to go jet skiing. She enjoys spending time with her two boys, practicing photography and getting crafty via scrapbooking. Chat Nikki up about the outdoors, what you like doing outside of work and life experiences you feel like sharing.