Peter Kershaw

Junior Trainer

Meet Peter - Our Junior Trainer

Peter works part time at Developers Institute providing assistance to the Tech Lead as required, as well as technical support to our learners to help them along their development journeys. The rest of his working week is spent as a Junior Software Engineer for Ion Technologies. 

He has a Diploma in Web Development and Design and specialises in React, Node, Express, MongoDB and PostgreSQL. Peter is fluent in HTML, CSS, Javascript and SQL, and having also lived and worked in Bristol, England, he’s a native speaker of Bristolian too.

Before joining Developers Institute

Starting out in Desktop Support, Peter contracted to a number of government agencies in Wellington, and subsequently moved into a Systems Engineer role. He’s always been interested in development though, and his interest in building his own projects led him to Developers Institute.

He’s just starting out in software development, but has already started working on some cool side projects of his own, which he says are a good way to practise what he’s learning on the go. Check out Seabnb for a look at what he’s currently working on.

There’s more to Peter than technical support…

Peter says his superpower is being on time, which might not sound like a superpower until you learn he’s recently become a new dad. And as any parent will know, that’s a pretty incredible superpower when you have a baby in tow.

He loves to get outdoors with his family, and has a particular passion for sailing, so those are things he’s always happy to chat about if you get the chance. Either that or personal finance, or development of course. And if you really want to impress your dinner guests, ask Peter the secret to making great crispy roast potatoes - it’s a skill he’s practised to perfection.