Sage Watson

Teaching Assistant

Meet Sage - Our Teaching Assistant

Superstar Sage was a learner at Developers Institute, graduating with a Diploma in Web Development. He enjoyed the course so much He wanted to pay it forward and help other students on their journey. As a Teaching Assistant, his main aim is to make it easier for the next generation of learners at Developers Institute.

His specialism in front-end web development is complemented by his fluency in HTML, CSS, JS, React, Next, Node, Express, PostgreSQL, Docker and MongoDB.

Before joining Developers Institute

A budding entrepreneur as well as a Developers Institute alumni, Sage completed his Diploma in Web Development whilst working on his own side-hustles - a clothing brand, Fussey, and an e-commerce business, FestiveAll. - Sage built his clothing brand website using React and Next.js, and utilising the WooCommerce and Stripe API in the backend. - Sage designed a website for his festival clothing business using Wordpress, HTML and CSS.

A water-baby at heart, Sage loves to surf when the swell is up, and go wakeboarding or fishing when it’s flat. When it rains you’ll usually find him indoors gaming, probably playing FIFA or League of Legends (probably not very well, might he add).  

If you get the chance to chat, he’s always keen to talk surfing, gaming or new tech news. Or you could ask him about his two tattoos - there’s got to be a story behind those.