Tegan Mahanga

Quality Assurance & Learner Wellbeing Associate Developer

Meet Tegan - Our Quality Assurance and Learner Wellbeing Associate Developer

We are honoured to have Tegan, a Developers Institute alumna, ensure that our processes and procedures meet the standards that NZQA sets. She specialises in Trello and having a yarn—a skillful combo that dovetails fun with project success. Tegan is passionate about making students’ learning experience as enriching and enjoyable as possible.

Before joining Developers Institute

Tegan worked in customer service for almost ten years across the insurance, immigration and food service industries. She’s lived and worked throughout the North Island of Aotearoa in Taranaki, Auckland and Whangarei. Tegan started out working at McDonald’s and believes that your background and prior work experience don’t define your success—your motivation does.

Other career highlights so far:

During her first semester at Developers Institute, Tegan created a checklist for eateries she wants to visit.

There's more to Tegan than being an associate developer!

Tegan loves sports and has played everything from rugby to lawn bowls. Most of her time these days is focused on being a mum to a three year old and a doggo. She enjoys sharing delicious food in the good company of friends and family. Chat her up about anything to do with food!