Tony Fu

Senior Full-stack Developer and Tech Lead

Meet Tony - Our Senior Full-stack Developer and Tech Lead

Tony specialises in front-end and back-end development with Javascript. He’s also talented in user experience, accessibility and building products from idea to production. Even though Tony has deep knowledge in the tech industry, he knows what it’s like to enter the field with little experience. He is aware of all the struggles and pitfalls of learning the craft and dedicates himself to helping students overcome those obstacles.

Tony graduated with a Bachelor’s degree with first class honours in Electrical Engineering combined with a Bachelor’s of Commerce in finance from the University of Auckland. He is fluent in Javascript, Typescript, HTML, CSS.

Before joining Developers Institute

Tony started as a junior software engineer in 2015. Since then, he’s worked with about half a dozen companies from very large (10,000+ employees) to very small (10-20 employees). Before joining Developers Institute’s team, Tony worked at Vodafone as a frontend developer. There he supported junior developers, delivered new features and performance tuned their existing product. 

Other career highlights so far:
  • Tony’s team and Datacom had Farmlands’ online store up and running in about two months in response to the first Covid lockdown. 

  • Secrets—most of Tony’s work is not publicly available as they are used by the company's internal teams.

There's more to Tony than being a tech wizard!

You know you’re on the right career path when you practice your craft on the weekends. Tony enjoys developing apps and games, and even made a game in a week for his wife because the site she normally played this game on vanished. Chat him up about collecting coins, weightlifting, video games, cooking and personal finance. If you dare, challenge him to a handstand press ups contest!