Zoff Grant

Associate Developer and Teaching Assistant

Meet Zoff - Our Associate Developer and Teaching Assistant

Zoff strives to provide a welcoming, supportive and respectful learning environment to help Developers Institute students achieve their learning goals.  

Although Zoff specialises in web development and is fluent in CSS, HTML and Javascript, he is also skilled with plants. He has a New Zealand Certificate in Horticulture (General) Level 3 and a New Zealand Certificate in Sustainable Primary Production (Level 4).

Before joining Developers Institute

Before turning his attention to the tech world, Zoff worked in the frozen foods industry. Most recently he was a gardener in a retirement village in the Bay of Islands. He believes that the care and attention plants require is akin to the energy necessary to help students thrive. It’s all about being aware of when someone is encountering difficulty and determining what will help them overcome each obstacle.

There's more to Zoff than Code

In his free time, Zoff loves to garden, walk his dogs and explore the local tracks. His superpower is that he makes a mean roast chicken. He’s happiest when sharing his excellent cooking with whanau. Chat with Zoff about pets, food, gaming or anime. Just a heads up, none of his six pets are chickens.