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Campus vs Remote

Your Study Environment

Your Study Location

You can pick your preferred study option and either study remotely or on-campus. If you prefer to be a part of the hustle and bustle of studio life and have a coffee catch up with your study-buddies to get a break from code - your office chair is waiting for you! However, if you are based in a different location than our new campus in Whangarei, we will make you feel just as welcome and part of it remotely. We have several daily virtual meetings and weekly water-cooler chats to get to know everyone from close and far. Remote is far from being excluded from all the good stuff, but daily attendance is a must.

Studying Remotely

On-campus or home based, your study journey will be fully remote. All our classes are taught by video as a flipped classroom and banter continues via live chat. We make it as easy as possible for you to engage in conversation with instructors and study-mates. We provide you with all the hardware and software you need to succeed with your journey. As part of orientation, we’ll loan you a brand new iMac for the duration of your study and help you kit out your home with all the IT equipment you need to ensure you are set up for study success. We believe everyone should have the ability to learn.

We operate around an office-style work day schedule, where attendance is a must. You will quickly feel the support from the team, as your study-buddies and instructors are looking out for you and regularly check-in to make sure you’re ok.

To maximise your learning experience remotely and take advantage of our instructor assistance, ensure that you can commit to attendance within our 9am - 5pm hours.

Studying On-Campus

If you’re joining us onsite, you will be surrounded by fellow tech enthusiasts eager to boost their career prospects. Everything you need to hit the ground running is provided, to ensure you’ll be focused on development from the very start.

Your experience will be similar to the remote students, as we are equally teaching how to succeed in a remote work environment. No matter where you are. 

In the meantime enjoy some fresh fruit, coffee and make sure not to miss our weekly campus lunch, where everyone gets together and enjoys some yum kai prepared by the team.

Our campus is located at 59 Bank Street in the CBD of Whangarei.

Give it a test run

Prospective students can book in a day to experience life as a student at Developers Institute. Whether you will be visiting our Whangarei Campus in-person or logging in remotely, you will be well looked after by one of our friendly instructors while you try on our student life for size.