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Diploma in Software Development

Land a job as a Software Developer in 20 months.

Course Overview

Our Diploma in Software Development will take you on an 20 month journey and is structured into eight course areas: Client-side development, Server-side development, Full-stack development and Agile Development and DevOps - which teach you the foundations in software development over the first 10 months. The second 10 months will dive into more specific areas like: Application Security, Mobile Application Development, Introduction into Machine Learning and Capstone (Enterprise) Project.

Part of your learning experience at Developers Institute will be an introduction to leading-edge programming concepts, languages and applications.

This knowledge will make you desirable for future employers. Developers Institute is offering a pathway to employment to all our students and we provide support and assistance into a job placement.

What You Will Learn

Your 20 months of learning are split into eight courses of 8 weeks that focus on a specific discipline. Each course is 8 weeks long and followed by a 2 weeks term break and 1 week study leave to allow you to catch your breath and revisit any topics that may require some extra attention before moving onto the next phase.

We keep our curriculum inline with the latest industry trends and carry out user testing and reviews to provide you with the same technologies and processes as the current tech companies. This means the stack you are learning may be slightly different from when you sign up to when you start learning it. But rest assured, it is in your best interest!*

*Developers Institute reserves the right to amend the tools and tech stack to move with current industry standard.

Client-Side Development 8 weeks
Week 1-8
Client-Side Development

Client-side will provide you with a solid foundation of the internet, internet protocols and the design and development of secure responsive software applications. You will learn to use HTML and CSS as well as JavaScript and ReactJS. Further to learning your stack-fundamentals, you will also be introduced to tools and practices for software versions control, continuous integration into working in a remote collaborative team based development environment.

Tech stack
Developers Institute is an approved GitHub Campus Program partner school

How You Will Learn

Every week you will be working on projects to help contextualise your newly learned skills. This approach of learning has many parallels with software development you will encounter in the working world. The duration and scope of a project varies from team or individual work from just a day to a few weeks.

Our instructors are there to support you along the way, however the decision making will be all yours in order to explore, understand and develop the previously learned key concepts.

Study On-Campus or Remotely

Your study location is completely up to you. All our programmes are delivered in a remote environment. Even whilst on campus, with a freshly brewed coffee on your desk, you will work in a remotely influenced environment

Our physical location is in the beautiful winterless Whangarei in Northland. You can join your study-buddies on-site and enjoy all the benefits of being surrounded by a swarm of clever coders like yourself, or join us on the daily via the tools we provide you with to not miss out on the fun. The choice is yours, we will provide you with all you need to find the perfect balance on your new study path.

Your Day at Developers Institute

Whether you study from home, or have decided to join the team on campus, we all know a good start to a successful day at work starts with a good coffee (or tea). On campus, we have a coffee, tea and fresh fruit to help you get your energy levels to high performance for the day. Once you’ve made it through the kitchen settle into your battle station for the day.

Operating on a 9am-5pm schedule with two mandatory classes a day, your daily flipped classroom videos remain available to watch and re watch at any time of the day/year. Your instructor has prepared bite sized video content with the concepts you’ll be learning each day, allowing you to learn at your own pace and ask all remaining questions during your team meetings.

Our programs are designed to be immersive, mirroring a real studio environment, and just like the workplace our senior team is here to guide you in your journey.

  1. 9:30am


    The first meeting of your day will give you direction for its remainder. Our tech-leads will introduce you to key concepts of coding and guide you through interactive exercises and projects which you will be working on for the day or coming week. All our meetings/classes are mandatory.

  2. 10am

    Programming Exercise

    After your flipped classroom meeting, you will be working on your projects. Depending on the day and week, this will be on your own or as part of a team, where you can put your newly acquired skills to practise. On-campus or remotely, your study-buddies are always there for support and help as well as the instructors.

  3. 1pm


    The afternoon starts with the second meeting of the day, a debrief of how everyone is getting on, answering further questions or taking the new skills a level further.

  4. 1:30pm

    Labs & Mini-Projects

    The afternoon is about self-paced learning with your instructors a fingertip away (hello slack chat!). As with most new skills, the more you repeat it, the better you get at it, so buckle up and use your afternoons to loop yourself into repeats of the same coding concepts over and over again.

  5. 5pm


    Review the concepts covered throughout the day, strategize your next steps on personal projects, and prepare for a running start tomorrow.

Is This Course Right For Me?

If you are keen to skill up and learn something new, then this course is right for you. You don’t need any prior knowledge of coding or software development, or any other kind of tech experience. All you need is curiosity and appetite to learn. If you have a strong work ethic, enjoy learning new things and being challenged, thrive on solving problems and working in a team then talk to us about securing your spot!

Entry Requirements

New Zealand Diploma in Software Development - Level 6

General Admission

There are no mandatory prerequisites for the Diploma in Software Development; however, learners enrolling are recommended to hold one of the following qualifications:

  • NZQA Level 5 Diploma in Information Systems

  • Any other IT Diploma with core subjects in Digital Technologies

  • Applicants must be 18 years or older

  • International students must have an appropriate level of English proficiency for the level at which they intend to study – IELTS Academic score of 6, with no band score lower than 5.5

Get A Campus Experience

Are you interested in trying out a typical day of a student at Developers Institute? Book a time to come in and experience what it's like. Our tutors will facilitate you will joining in with the day's class and support you to cut code. No previous experience is necessary.