Diploma in Web Development

Study online or on-campus, the choice is yours.

Course overview

Unlock the power of the web as you learn the foundations in software development. Establish a broad understanding of development environments and languages, learn to respond to user needs and data requirements, and get to grips with common technical issues and how to solve them.

The web development programme spans 36 weeks and is structured into four course areas: Client-side development, Server-side development, Full-stack development and Enterprise development. As part of a daily hands-on learning experience, you'll be introduced to leading-edge programming concepts, languages and applications.

At the end of the program we’ll work with you to transition into a job placement with a local company.

What you'll learn

Each eight week course will focus on a specific discipline (such as front-end development) and cover a number of programming languages and concepts. You will discover web frameworks such as HTML, CSS and JavaScript, source control (GitHub), REST APIs, back-end technologies like Node, Docker, and MongoDB, user experience design tools and lots more.

You’ll be using the same technologies and processes as current tech companies, and we keep our curriculum up to date with regular research and review.

Week 1-8
Client-side development

Learn client-side fundamentals by building styled and responsive websites using JavaScript, Bootstrap, HTML and CSS. Build upon these foundations with REST APIs, ES6/Jest and React JS, then showcase your new skills by working on team projects like building a chatbot or a movie review website.

The course also introduces the student to tools and practices for software version control and continuous integration (GitHub) in a collaborative, team-based development environment.

Tech stack


To contextualise your learning, we work on Projects every week which parallels real software development that you might encounter in the working world. Projects can be individual or team based, and might span a few days or a few weeks.

We’ll help you get started, and be present to help along the way, but we’ll let you explore learning and make decisions to develop your understanding of key concepts.

Your day at Developers Institute

Grab a cuppa, share a quick insta (#upskilling!), and settle in to your study day at Developers Institute.

We kick off with a directed learning session (we call them meetings) to explain the concepts and ideas we'll be focused on for the day. Then it's straight into the code! That's right, you're on the tools from the very beginning. Our programs are designed to be immersive, mirroring a real studio environment, and just like the workplace our senior team are here to guide you in your journey.

  1. 9:30am


    Our industry teachers will explain some key concepts you will be learning for the day/week and take you through some interactive exercises. Feel free to bring your laptop along and get involved in the discussion.

  2. 10am

    Programming Exercises

    Work independently, with a pair, or as part of team to put your new knowledge into practise. Work alongside your classmates to boost learning and help each other out.

  3. 1pm


    After lunch we'll normally have another meeting and then it's lab time again to continue developing your skills.

  4. 1:30pm

    Labs & Mini-Projects

    Self-directed labs let you explore your own coding projects based on the meeting material. Immediately start practising what you have learned - the more time you can spend coding the better!

  5. 5pm


    Review the concepts covered throughout the day, strategize your next steps on personal projects, and prepare for a running start tomorrow.

Get A Campus Experience

Are you interested in trying out a typical day of a student at Developers Institute? Book a time to come in and experience what it's like. Our tutors will facilitate you will joining in with the day's class and support you to cut code. No previous experience is necessary.

Study On-Campus or Remotely

Our programmes are delivered on-campus and remotely online. You’ll be able to choose how you want to learn; onsite at our campus in Whangarei city, study online at home, or perhaps a combination of both that works for you.

Our cloud based tools and systems mean Developers can continue to deliver top tier software learning directly to your home. If you’d like to study 100% remotely, you’ll need a good internet connection and a computer. If you don’t have these already, talk to us about helping get you set up. We believe everyone should have the ability to learn.

Program delivery

Our class groups are small, with a maximum capacity of 12 students in a cohort. We provide everything you need to dive in and take full advantage of the experience, whether you’re joining us on-site or dialing in remotely.

Feeling a bit lost? No problem. Our instructors are available throughout the day and they're here to help you out. Just Slack them, or pop your head up and grab them IRL.

From time to time we have guest lectures with industry professionals and other people with interesting knowledge to share. We'll let you know when these are coming up as part of your study calendar.

Why we are unique

At Developers Institute, we do things a little differently. Our software development education is delivered by experienced industry professionals, who still cut code and deliver on real client projects. Our curriculum is leading edge, industry driven and agile, focused specifically on preparing you for your professional future in software.

You'll be learning in a studio-style environment, mirroring the real world, right down to the tools we use to discussing lunch options or sharing YouTube videos. We deliver leading edge course content in pursuit of our passion for technology. Our school is our studio!

Want to study Fees Free?

Our Diploma in Web Development programme is eligible for Fees Free, which means you could get one year of tertiary study up to the value of $12,000 fees-free.

Programme Details

The New Zealand Diploma in Web Development and Design (NZQA Level 5, 120 credits) is delivered over 36 weeks, with 4 weeks of term break.

Study is full time (38 hours per week) during standard office hours, and can be completed on-site or remotely online. Read the student handbook.

Intake dates**
  • 27 April 2020 (full)

  • 29th June 2020 (full)

  • 31st August 2020 (full)

  • 27th October 2020

  • 18th January 2021

  • 22nd March 2021

Tuition Fees

$8,332* (domestic students) plus student services levy fee $635.00*. This programme is eligible for Studylink.

Campus Location

59 Bank Street Whangarei, 0110 Northland, New Zealand

This programme is approved by the New Zealand Qualifications Authority under section 249 of the Education Act 1989, and Developers Institute Limited is accredited to provide it under section 250 of the Act.

*All fees are GST inclusive. The New Zealand government has implemented a fees free policy and Developers Institute courses are eligible. You can learn more about the government's fees free program. View our refund policy.

**Term dates are subject to change pending enrolment numbers, availability and any unforeseen funding fluctuations. Developers Institute Ltd reserves the right to modify schedules to best accommodate the internal running of the Institute and to best serve the student learning experience.

Pathway to employment

We’ve received funding through Te Ara Mahi and the Provincial Growth Fund to deliver on our graduate employment strategy, so we can support our students from the first day of learning to the first day of your new tech job. Our apprenticeship style model is a first for New Zealand, so if you are looking for quality education that results in real employment outcomes, let’s talk!

Student stories

Our students share our values of open-mindedness, inclusivity, self-motivation, and share a love of learning. As part of your study we’ll help you develop your growth mindset, build on key interpersonal skills for the workplace, and nurture your passion for learning.

The success of our students is our success. But don’t take our word for it! Check out what our alumni have to say about the Developers Institute programs.

Sophia Nathan
Client-side bootcamp 2019

I have just completed the 8 week programme and have been introduced to a whole new inspiring world. Coming from an entirely different career and retraining has been a challenge but a good one and I’m excited to continue on this path with this innovative institute.

Client-side bootcamp 2019

It really was an amazing journey, they have got the coolest tutors and managing team to support us. Would say I was lucky enough to get through the pilot session where they covered HTML, CSS and JavaScript using current tools of real IT world, and the ambiance they offered was just awesome too.

Client-side bootcamp 2019

I have no background with coding and thought I would be hopeless. Even though there is some really complex content I have learnt so much. I now know the basics of HTML, CSS Styling, JavaScript and JSON. Though I need to build on these more I am confident I will be able to do it all.

Is this course right for me?

You do not need any current software development or technology experience to apply for this programme. If you have a strong work ethic, enjoy learning new things and being challenged, thrive on solving problems and working in a team then talk to us about securing your spot!

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